Integration and support

TurnTo makes it easy for online merchants to add Social Commerce with an integration tool set designed from the ground up for eCommerce environments.

Implementation of the TurnTo system typically takes less than one day of IT time. We have developed a robust implementation methodology in which our Professional Services team will walk you through every step of the process in a series of four 15-minute calls, timed to meet your schedule. At the end of this, your TurnTo deployment will be fully live.

Eric Clay, Customer Support

During an initial trial period, TurnTo will support you in testing alternative placement, copy, and configuration to maximize the benefit you obtain from the system. Following the set-up period, TurnTo Support provides ongoing monitoring of system performance, analysis of business results, and sharing of best practices from across our network. We understand that getting it right in the beginning and then continuously improving are both important for success.

TurnTo works seamlessly with most ecommerce platforms and offers packaged integrations with many of the most common platforms.

The TurnTo system is extensively and continuously tested to ensure compatibility with all leading browsers and operating systems. (Based on feedback from users and partners, the system no longer supports IE6.)


TurnTo understood our needs and provided us a simple and fast integration while still giving us an attractive design that looked consistent with our online store.

Clint Howitz, CEO of dogIDS.

We always are on the side of caution when it comes to who we partner with and what we are embedding on our site. TurnTo’s flexibility in our deployment and compatibility with the Yahoo! Store Small Merchant Platform assured us that we made the right decision.

Amitai Sasson
, Marketing Manager,

TurnTo’s compatibility with our platform made our deployment seamless and allowed us to quickly experience the benefits of onsite social shopping.

Woody Hertzog
, President,

We found TurnTo very easy to set up and integrate into our site. Even the data configuration, which I thought would be difficult, was clear and straightforward.

Kathy Santos
, Internet Communications Manager, Earthwatch Institute.


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