Next generation customer content

Four innovative applications that work beautifully together

  • Ratings & Reviews The classic, now up-to-date
  • Community Q&A The fastest answers, the most sources
  • Visual Reviews™ Even better than a thousand words
  • Checkout Comments™ Micro-reviews from the point of sale
Re-imagined for mobile Tight user profile integration More effective collection
The original community solution The most advanced user experience Answering from experts, brands, fans and your knowledgebase
Unique phone-based capture Feeds site galleries and social media Solves SKU-matching, rights acquisition
3-5x more content than normal reviews Fanatically positive sentiment Useful at every stage of the shopper journey

More ways for your customers to help each other

Capture your customers’ voice at more points in the ownership cycle in words, pictures and videos

More ways to increase conversion and drive traffic

Deliver the right type of customer content to move the shopper forward at every point in the shopping journey

More content variety makes for better insights

Gain deeper understanding of what customers like or dislike, and what motivates them to buy

Uniquely adapted to the changed expectations of today’s shopper


Not just responsive —
fully re-imagined for phones


Image-first, mobile-centric


New formats — easy to create, easy to consume


Two-way dialog uniquely built for
speed and depth

Solve merchandising challenges that Ratings & Reviews alone can’t handle

Fast-Turn Catalogs

Start gathering content the same day products go on sale with Checkout Comments.

Complex Products

Get every possible shopper question answered fast from the most appropriate source with Q&A

Subjective Attributes

Give shoppers the confidence to purchase items they can’t touch or try on with visuals and answers from real product owners


Encourage exploration with social media sharing and landing pages powered by customer visuals and Checkout Comments

...and many more

More retailers and brands are choosing TurnTo

TurnTo is the fastest-growing Customer Content System to the IR500

The other guy
The other other guy
annual web sales
# of retailers

2014–15 GROWTH

Source: Internet Retailer Top 500 Databases, Customer Reviews & Forums category

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