About Us

TurnTo is the fastest-growing provider of customer-generated content (CGC) solutions to top merchants and brands, with a suite including Ratings & Reviews, Community Q&A, and TurnTo’s proprietary Checkout Chatter.  Built on an innovative platform that tightly integrates to stores’ customer profiles, TurnTo delivers a more personalized user experience that captures 2-4X more content, faster, with less work, while ensuring authenticity.  That’s why eCommerce leaders like GNC, Saks, Newegg, Sur La Table, and brands like Cole Haan and Clarins rely on TurnTo for their customer-voice programs.

The TurnTo Difference: Q&A in our DNA.

TurnTo is the only ecommerce software vendor that specializes in Q&A. As a result, our vision for Q&A goes far beyond that of other vendors, and our system architecture is optimized from the ground up around Q&A (rather than tagging-along on a platform built for something else).

We believe that Q&A is an essential function for competitive online stores to offer, providing customers with the rich “assisted shopping” experience that is normal in the brick-and-mortar world of store associates but is missing online. The usual answer, live chat, is only a partial solution. Community Q&A – if done right – beautifully delivers the assisted shopping promise, providing online shoppers with instant answers and advice from a breadth of resources that even great store associates or customer service reps can’t match. Community Q&A is not just a way to fill the gaps that customer reviews leave behind; it is a pillar of many of the most important strategies of online stores today: content, community, self-service, customer experience, voice-of-the-customer, omni-channel, and more.

Delivering on this expansive vision requires a dedicated approach to the Community Q&A system architecture. It must be able to answer the broadest possible range of question types, from product facts to recommendations to owner experiences to general topic discussions to store policies. It has to tap into the broadest set of answer resources, from the store community to paid experts to existing knowledge bases. It has to deliver answers instantly when they already exist and generate new answers from the most relevant sources with speed and reliability when needed. It has to seamlessly connect from manufacturer to merchant, advancing the business needs of each. It has to bridge the online and in-store environments for multi-channel players. And it has to provide a user experience that ensures shoppers actually get all the value that the system has to offer.

Delivering on this vision has been our goal since we started in 2008, and it’s why we’re the only technology vendor with Q&A in our DNA.