Why TurnTo?

More Innovation. More Content. More Relevance.

More Innovation

TurnTo is the innovation leader in the customer content space. We invented the Active Outreach™ model that makes Community Q&A work, and then we pioneered Instant Answers linked to store and brand knowledge bases to get even more shopper questions answered instantly. We figured out how to integrate to customers’ full purchase histories to increase the number of ratings and reviews collected. We were the first with a fully responsive ready-to-wear UI. Our industry-leading API supports the most advanced uses of customer content on mobile apps and across channels. We invented an entirely new type of customer content – the micro-reviews we call Checkout Comments. We invented a breakthrough approach to collecting customer-generate images called Visual Reviews. And that’s just a part of it.

Why should you care? Because retail is a never-ending innovation race. The leaders capture the sales and the margins; the rest fight over the scraps. With TurnTo, you will be in the lead today – and you know you will still be there tomorrow.


More Content

It’s not just that TurnTo’s innovations collect more Ratings & Reviews. With applications for more different types of customer content than any other platform, TurnTo produces far more customer-content in total. More content of more different types means: greater conversion lift, bigger SEO gains, deeper insights, and the ability to solve your particular merchandising challenges.


More Relevance

The landscape for customer content changed. Phones have passed desktops as the primary way most people access the Internet. With ubiquitous cameras, visual content has eclipsed text as the main way people express themselves online. Messaging has taught people to prefer their text ever shorter. Social media has trained people to value 2-way interactivity over passive content consumption.

But traditional product ratings and reviews are still what they were a decade ago. They’re still important, but they’re no longer enough.

Only TurnTo among the enterprise customer content vendors provides not only a first class ratings & reviews solution but also a fully-integrated suite designed for this new world: reimagined for mobile, visual first, conversational, and designed for messaging. To keep you relevant!