Visual Reviews™

The easiest way to capture the most customer-created product photos and videos

Use customer-created images to improve sales at every step of the customer journey—from discovery on social networks and proprietary pinboards to conversion on the product detail page.

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The photo tells the story

A new way to capture visual content. More than 90% of reviews are posted in response to an email request and more than 60% of emails are opened on phones. So TurnTo provides a visual-first review engine for the smart-phone equipped consumer who is more likely to respond by snapping a photo than typing a text review.

Galleries for every context and screen

Expose shoppers to collections of photos and videos throughout their journey using TurnTo’s flexible set of gallery widgets designed for every context, page, and app screen.

78% of customers are likely to share photos—more than any other type of digital content.
Photo of Customer

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A full-featured visual CMS

Unlike systems that only attach images to reviews, TurnTo treats customer images as a first-class content type with an full-featured back end for moderation, repurposing, and reporting.

Automatically acquire usage rights

Just like any review, customer images submitted directly to you are covered by your terms-of-use, avoiding the rights issues of images harvested from social media.

Automatic SKU matching

Images are submitted in response to SKU-specific requests, so you know exactly which SKU they apply to, just like with any review. That makes it a snap to show them in just the right places.

Ask at just the right time

Advanced logic sends the request at just the moment when the customer is most likely to snap the sort image you are looking for.

Easily integrate

With TurnTo’s API, you can easily insert your Visual Reviews™ into an existing image management platform, connect them to your social media presence, and build them into your omni-channel marketing.

Even better with The Suite

Shoppers can submit images to a gallery from their phone, then later attach them to a product review from the desktop. Moderators can easily feature in a gallery images originally attached to a question, answer, or review.

Way beyond selfies

Customers love to share photos of fashion and beauty products, but that’s not all. Visual Reviews™ are a great fit for home furnishings, sporting goods, hobby products, and any items used to make things—from cooking to photography to woodwork. They’re also great for sharing moments, like “unboxing" and gift-giving, and for special purposes like “explainers.”

From enterprise-grade email service provider support to packaged integrations for the major commerce platforms , we have you covered

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