Listrak’s 2017 Winter Summit: Insights and Innovations

January 20, 2017 by John Swords

I recently attended Listrak’s Partner Expo at the company’s 2017 Winter Summit. TurnTo’s chief product officer, John Swords, traveled with me to Lancaster, PA, where Listrak brought all of its team members together for a week of training and team building.

I’ve always been a fan of working with Email Service Providers (ESPs).

Like SIs, ESPs, such as Listrak, work very closely with industry-leading retailers and brands and become deeply integrated with their marketing teams. All of that time working together leads to innovative insights, and those insights lead to ground-breaking marketing strategies and products.

2017 Listrak Winter Summit Partner Expo TurnTo

I’ve always known Listrak has industry-leading professional services, but the team’s product presentation stole the show at the 2017 Winter Summit. The data they are collecting with cross-device identification makes their content personalization and programmatic marketing products that much more effective. I was very impressed.

It was highly valuable for Swords and I to have an entire day of conversations with members of literally every team at Listrak. We immensely enjoyed drawing attention to what TurnTo is able to do for our mutual clients, hearing what they find interesting and discussing strategies to deliver more value through our partnership.

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Announcing two partnerships with leading store builders

June 14, 2011 by George Eberstadt

We’re very excited to announce 2 partnerships today.  Both are ecommerce platform specialists.

YourStoreWizards are stars at building stores on the Yahoo! Small Merchant platform.  We’ve been working with them quietly for a little while, and they’ve already installed TurnTo on 3 Yahoo! Stores:,, and  They’ve completely mastered the Yahoo! platform, which means A. they are super cost-effective and B. they can solve the hard problems.  They’ve even built great solutions for implementing a couple of advanced TurnTo features on Yahoo stores – the XML feed for enabling all the TurnTo UGC to be embedded as vanilla HTML for maximum SEO benefit (4 TLAs in that phrase!) and automated creation of related item clusters to ensure there’s an answerer pool available even for unpopular items.  We’re enjoying being featured on their homepage and having our own product page on their site.

SuiteCommerce is a leading NetSuite eCommerce specialist.  They’ve just finished installing TurnTo on, and it looks great!  They’re fabulous to work with, and, with apparent ease, they figured out some tough challenges in automating the  TurnTo data feeds on the NetSuite platform.  Their expertise also makes SuiteCommerce a cost-effective resource for TurnTo implementation and for any other NetSuite work.  We’re thrilled they’ve chosen to feature us as their Social Commerce solution.

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