Expedite and enhance the way you collect reviews with TurnTo Sampling

TurnTo Sampling is a turnkey solution for gathering product reviews from a qualified audience. Sampling is great for new products, seasonal products, and even current products that could benefit from fresh review content. And the collected reviews can be displayed wherever your products are sold.

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Supercharge your product review collection with authentic content from your biggest fans and top contributors.

The TurnTo Sampling benefits for brands and private labels:


Leverage your own panel of loyal reviewers or have TurnTo find new target audiences for your sampling program.


Provide a user experience fully built around your brand.


Make it easy for program members to sign up for samples, track shipments and write reviews all in one place.


Seamlessly display sample reviews on your site-and syndicate them everywhere your products are sold.

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How It Works

If you're already working with a sampling provider, you can send TurnTo the sampled reviews you're collecting from any 3rd party provider.

We offer:


Effortless import with integrations to leading providers


Automatic review tagging and badging


Simple reporting segmentation and disclosure compliance

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No matter the circumstance, TurnTo Sampling is an incredible way to boost your product review collection!