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TurnTo Partners with Needle to Provide On-Demand Experts for Shopper Q&A

NEW YORK CITY and SALT LAKE CITY (Oct. 14, 2013) – Needle, the leading provider of advocate-powered chat, and TurnTo, the leader in Social Q&A, today announced a partnership that will enable Needle’s “fan-sourced” experts to answer shopper questions on stores and brands using TurnTo’s Social Q&A Platform.  Answers from Needle experts will complement those from past purchasers generated by TurnTo’s community answers engine, as well as those from store staff and brand reps (through TurnTo’s brand portal).  This combination of answer resources ensures shoppers get the fastest answers from the most knowledgeable sources while giving stores options in managing their staff workload.

Needle’s certified advocates will provide shoppers using TurnTo with answers that are not only authoritative but also fast.   TurnTo guarantees these experts will answer 50% of all the questions posed to them in 2 hours or less, 75% of all those questions in 4 hours or less, and 90% of them within 24 hours. For online stores using both TurnTo and Needle live chat, the guarantee is 50% with 15 minutes, 75% within 30 minutes, and 90% within 24 hours.

A two-month trial of the partnership at the online dive shop proved out the concept.  By utilizing Needle’s experts, LeisurePro increased the total volume of answers to questions asked through TurnTo by 31 percent.  For 47% of questions, the Needle expert provided the first answer.  Overall, the addition of Needle increased the answered-within-24-hour rate from 58 to 83 percent.

Bill Parnes, VP of Marketing at LeisurePro, said, “Our high commitment to customer service led us to start working with TurnTo and Needle separately.  But we realized we could increase the value for our business and for our customers by bringing them together.  We were pleased after seeing the results of the trial and look forward to moving ahead.”

“Needle has the unique capability to source and certify experts on every subject,” said George Eberstadt, TurnTo CEO.  “By plugging this resource into Q&A, stores can deliver even more, fast answers, which is great for conversion lift and also great for SEO.”

“Reviews are great, social Q&A is even better, but a social Q&A program that utilizes Needle’s advocates is unmatched,” said Morgan Lynch, founder and CEO of Needle. “Inserting advocates at this touch point will result in richer product pages, better customer experience, and content creation that will significantly help ecommerce marketers with their acquisition efforts.”


About TurnTo

TurnTo provides the leading Social Q&A system for online merchants and brands, enabling shoppers to get advice directly from stores’ real customers (as well as staff and brand reps). By enabling authentic dialog between shoppers and customers right on the product pages, TurnTo increases conversion rates, generates fresh content for SEO, builds customer loyalty, and reduces call center load. The TurnTo Social Q&A Platform is a white-labeled SaaS product that can be integrated in as little as a day. Top online sellers including, Brown Shoe (, L’Oreal USA, the Vitamin Shoppe, and Lenovo, have chosen TurnTo to convert visitors into buyers. More information about TurnTo is available at

About Needle

Needle is a technology and service platform that enables any business to recruit and enable its best advocates to directly engage customers on its behalf. By leveraging advocates, ecommerce companies can dramatically improve their customers’ experience throughout the customer life cycle (from discovery to support) via credible, authentic engagement with trusted sources. By allowing shoppers to engage with advocates while they have buying questions, companies that partner with Needle experience increased revenue and elevated customer loyalty and retention. For more information about how Needle works and who Needle works for, please visit Needle is a privately held company based in Salt Lake City. Needle® is a registered trademark of Needle Inc.

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