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TurnTo Launches at DEMOfall 08

Demonstrates Ground-Breaking Word-of-Mouth System for E-Commerce

San Diego, CA [September 8, 2008] — TurnTo Networks, Inc. announced the beta launch of TurnTo today at DEMOfall 08. TurnTo is a revolutionary system to drive word-of-mouth for e-commerce sites, establishing credibility and driving increased conversion rates.

The TurnTo widget alerts visitors when their friends have experience with an e-commerce site, delivering these trusted references just when the shopper is trying to decide. By enabling the shopper to reach out for advice or to infer a recommendation based on friends’ purchases, TurnTo delivers references that are more trustworthy and less intrusive than unsolicited recommendations.

Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO, said, “By providing trusted references in the context of the shopping process, TurnTo makes word-of-mouth recommendations far more relevant to buyers while avoiding the spam and privacy problems that hamstring other approaches. I expect TurnTo to be quickly adopted by businesses across many categories of e-commerce.”

“We are honored to launch at DEMO. Selection of TurnTo for this prestigious event is early validation of our unique approach to energizing word-of-mouth for our partners,” said George Eberstadt, CEO and founder of TurnTo. “Recommendations from friends are often even more influential than expert reviews and user-generated ratings, but there hasn’t been a practical on-line tool to help people figure out who to turn to for trusted advice — until now.”

Launch Partners
TurnTo’s launch partners include The Earthwatch Institute, CompSource, Angara, and Teavana.

“Going on an Earthwatch expedition can be a big decision, and there’s nothing more likely to persuade someone to take the plunge than knowing that friends have done it,” Barbara Erickson, Chief Development Officer for Earthwatch, said. “TurnTo provides this information at just the right moment. We expect TurnTo will have a significant impact on volunteers signing up.”

“We’re recognized as a top-500 internet retailer because we focus on the customer experience. TurnTo makes the CompSource experience even better by enabling shoppers to leverage the knowledge in their social networks — all without ever leaving our site,” said Dean Bellone, president of CompSource. “By telling shoppers when their friends have purchased from us, TurnTo gives shoppers the confidence to buy from CompSource, too.”

Ankur Daga, founder and CEO of Angara said, “We were live with TurnTo astonishingly quickly; the total implementation time was only 12 hours. TurnTo provides an easy way for ecommerce sites to embrace social shopping.”

Pricing & Availability

TurnTo is currently available. Merchant pricing for TurnTo is 100% performance-based, reducing adoption risks. For users, TurnTo is available without charge and requires no software installation. Users can join at

About TurnTo

TurnTo activates word-of-mouth by enabling visitors to an ecommerce site to see when friends of theirs have experience with the site and the products it sells. For the shopper, TurnTo provides trusted sources of advice at just the moment they are most needed. For the merchant, TurnTo increases word-of-mouth, builds customer trust, and makes their site a better place to shop. More information about TurnTo and its partner sites is available at

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