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TurnTo Achieves Milestone of 10 Millionth Checkout Comment Collected, Illustrating the Popularity of this Unique Micro-Review Format

NEW YORK, August 30, 2017TurnTo Networks, developer of next-generation customer-generated content (CGC) solutions, today announced it has reached a significant milestone with the collection of its 10 millionth Checkout Comment™, generated by the company’s unique and powerful “micro review” system. The Checkout Comments application gives retailers and brands the ability to capture powerful, concise and overwhelmingly upbeat customer sentiment directly from the order confirmation page, in response to the question “why did you choose this?” This unique customer voice format can be used to enhance every step of the customer journey and influence sales.

In June, TurnTo released results from a study of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers who bought online in the previous 12 months, with 90 percent reporting that user-generated content (UGC) influences their decision to make a purchase, outranking all other forms of marketing – including email and search. Checkout Comments encourages customers to submit content during the order submission process when the post-purchase euphoria is high. This enables retailers and brands to collect upbeat commentary that complements traditional longer-form ratings and reviews or Q&A content to showcase on product pages and mobile devices and to ultimately influence sales.

“People respond to direct, concise human feedback, making Checkout Comments a unique way for consumers to connect by getting to the heart of purchase motivation,” said George Eberstadt, CEO of TurnTo. “This milestone of 10 million Checkout Comments shows how well received this content type is for customers and how effective it is for retailers.”

Checkout Comments fulfills distinct functions and closes marketing gaps for online retailers across industries – from apparel to beauty to hardware – by enabling the quick collection and sharing of positive “social proof” into the top of the conversion funnel. Through TurnTo’s Checkout Comments, customers are more likely to submit customer content due to ease of submission on the order confirmation page, empowering retailers to quickly build a content stream that showcases sales momentum. For products that have not had time to collect longer form ratings and reviews or other user generated content because it requires receipt and use of the item – a particular issue in fast inventory turn categories – Checkout Comments delivers immediate customer generated content to support sales and stimulate greater catalog awareness.

A real-time showcase of Checkout Comments being created across TurnTo’s retailer network can be experienced by visiting:

An additional feature of Checkout Comments is the powerful data it yields about consumers and shopping behaviors. Upon reaching the 10 million comment milestone, TurnTo analyzed content from the first half of 2017 (more than one million Checkout Comments) to gain insight into purchasing behavior that marketers can apply to content strategies. Topline findings of the analysis include:

TurnTo’s proven UGC platform has earned the industry’s highest customer satisfaction. The suite is comprised of four advanced products that help retailers increase customer engagement, including: Ratings and Reviews with the first open network for syndication, Community Q&A, Visual Reviews and Checkout Comments. Its broad range of applications and features handle the hardest customer content challenges for every type of eCommerce business, effectively addressing the expectations of today’s shoppers. TurnTo delivers more content with less work, ensuring maximum authenticity, conversion lift, search engine optimization (SEO) and merchandising insights.