The TurnTo Partner Program


Why Partner with TurnTo?

TurnTo is the fastest-growing customer content solution in the IR500 and for good reason. Our highly optimized platform delivers as much as 4x more content than our most relevant competitors, and TurnTo offers the best customer service in the category. By encouraging customer engagement, driving organic traffic, and delivering the right content for every stage of the shopper journey, TurnTo can provide a significant ROI for your clients.

With our new TurnTo Partner program, we’re looking to create meaningful relationships with leading eCommerce platforms, systems integrators, and other technology providers who know how to deliver a great experience for our customers. Beyond that, we are looking to engage in sharing content, participate in lead-generation activities, create co-marketing materials, and serve as a reference for our partners. We look forward to connecting with your team to develop a partnership strategy and integration plan that will benefit everyone involved.

Platform Compatiblity

TurnTo has the best customer content generation API on the market, which allows our solutions to work seamlessly with even the most complex custom platforms designed to serve the specific needs of our many IR500 clients using custom eCommerce platforms.

We are also proud to serve clients on Magento, Demandware, IBM Websphere, Oracle Commerce, and Hybris. While TurnTo can send its own emails, it can also integrate with our clients’ existing email service providers.

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