The Next Level in Content Moderation

Bespoke Moderation for Your Customer-Generated Content

TurnTo works with clients to find the right level of moderation for their business. With three levels of support above our standard automated moderation, clients can choose the best fit for each type of content they collect.

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Choose the Best Fit for Your Business

The TurnTo platform includes automated moderation based on a conservative, customizable filter list with all standard installations. For clients who need further support, we offer these levels:


Moderation team reviews all content that is hidden by auto-moderation


Moderation team reviews every piece of content that comes in, whether published or hidden by auto-moderation


In addition to full-level support of content review, moderation team works with clients to identify themes for routing and curating content

6-Point Review Moderation

All levels of moderation go through a 6-point check of review content.

We moderate all types of content, in all supported languages, at the level of support that’s just right for you.