Best Practices in Review Subdimensions and Filters

Tailoring review subdimensions and filters for the exact needs of your different product categories is a powerful way to increase the value that your shoppers – and you – get from product reviews.

Questions you’ll want to ask as you design your subdimension strategy include:


What will be most useful to shoppers? What topics will benefit from the focus and structure of subdimensions? How can I use subdimensions to help shoppers find the reviews that will be most valuable to them? How many should I collect?


Which subdimensions should be aggregated in the review summary? Shown along with the individual reviews? Used to power filters? And how should I configure the filters?


How do I make use of subdimensions internally for product and marketing insights, or perhaps for CRM enhancement? What additional data should I collect for these applications?


Coming up with the right rating subdimensions for each product category can be challenging. Read our full guide to get the best practices for review subdimensions and filters here.