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Put a living knowledgebase right on every product page. Only TurnTo combines the wisdom of customers and internal experts with existing content to answer shopper questions fast.

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Powerful social answers

Invented by TurnTo, the 'active outreach' model delivers fast answers to shoppers’ questions from peers who already own the product. Only TurnTo Q&A provides unmatched features to maximize the number and speed of answers, like powerful language filtering to accelerate moderation and automate routing, advanced logic to ensure questions are sent to the right people, similar item groupings to increase owner pools and distribute content, multi-item questions, best answer display, and so much more.


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Instant answers and knowledge base integration

Many questions are instantly answered as the shopper types by real-time search of previous questions, ratings & reviews, and relevant content databases. The TurnTo article library, synchronized via API to your existing content sources, lets you deliver vast store, product, category, and brand information right on the product detail page in response to shopper questions.


increase in organic search traffic
TurnTo’s Q&A has enabled us to build a terrific knowledgebase for our community. Content that is not only helping customers but is also indexable for SEO, driving significant incremental sales for Newegg.
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Soren Mills
Newegg accomplished over 8x conversion lift by switching to TurnTo.

Advanced moderation and question management

Sophisticated language filters and algorithms ensure 'good' questions don't sit around waiting for moderation. An easy-to-use console lets community managers take control of routing and answering when needed.

Significant SEO benefits

Shoppers ask questions in Q&A the same way they do in Google, producing highly search-friendly content. TurnTo ensures all this content is indexable in-line on your product pages for maximum traffic benefits.

An unrivaled user experience

It doesn’t help sales if shoppers don’t use it. Unique UI features like “input teasers,” best answer display, multi-item questions, popularity sorting, infinite threading, optimized voting, and lots more make TurnTo Q&A easy for shoppers to interact with.

Integrate with existing content and programs

Take helpful content that's available elsewhere and make it easy to find right from the product page. Get real-time synchronization to your existing loyalty or gamification platform through the TurnTo API.

Get answers from selected advocates

Through our partnership with Needle, the leading provider of fan-sourced product experts, TurnTo can provide fast, personal responses from a team individually selected for their in-depth and hands-on knowledge of your products.

Even better with The Suite

Provide instant answers to shopper questions from your product reviews. Feature checkout comments as answers to a “store question” within Q&A. Enable shoppers to attach images and videos to their questions and their answers. TurnTo applications are great alone and even better together.

TurnTo Community Q&A. The original and still the best.

From multi-language support to support for complex catalog structures like product groups and offer bundles , we have you covered

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