Checkout Comments™

Fast, concise, and overwhelmingly upbeat. It’s the micro-review system customers love.

Ask the magic question your buyers are happy to answer: “Why did you choose this?” You’ll get instant, bite-sized answers bursting with positive sentiment.

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Lots of positive reviews, fast

Since Checkout Comments™ are collected right on the order confirmation page, they start building up the moment an item is available - no waiting weeks for your first reviews.


more content
than traditional

Drive every step of the shopper journey

TurnTo’s widgets make it easy to place micro-reviews on the product detail page, list pages, or pinboard-style landing pages. Since they’re short, they’re great on mobile devices. And with our powerful API, you can enhance any presentation of your products with recent, positive buyer endorsements!

The Checkout Comments™ Pinboard is the highest-converting link off of our home page.
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Unique merchandising insights

Checkout Comments™ deliver insights into purchase motivation that reviews and Q&A miss, helping you better merchandise your products. They are an essential part of a robust content analytics program.

Content that’s packed with SEO value

Checkout Comments™ produce perfectly SEO-friendly copy that’s all indexable on your product detail page. The reasons customers give for buying are the same phrases shoppers are searching for.

Powerful for fast-turn catalogs

Traditional reviews take weeks to build up, but Checkout Comments™ start appearing immediately. Instead of “Be the first to write a review”, shoppers will see the genuine voice of their peers from day 1.

Full-featured back-end administration

Checkout Comments™ benefit from TurnTo’s full moderation capabilities —including our industry-leading language filters—and from our advanced reporting, which makes sure relevant content reaches the right people in your organization.

A quick win that’s easy to set up

Checkout Comments™ are a snap to add to your site. Simpler than other types of customer content, integration typically takes just a few hours.

Even better with The Suite

Checkout Comments™ work beautifully with Q&A where they can be shown as answers to a question from the store. Used with Visual Reviews, they power pinboards that combine customer-generated text and images.

Checkout Comments™ is unique to TurnTo — you can’t get it anywhere else

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Content beginning the first day

From aggressive load time performance to API integration support , we have you covered

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