Case Studies

Inside Nike’s Strategic Partnership with TurnTo

Learn how Nike uses TurnTo’s Ratings & Reviews platform to drive valuable product insight from their engaged brand community.

How TurnTo + Pixlee Helped Tarte Cosmetics Supercharge its Guided Selling Strategy

When it was founded in 2000, Tarte Cosmetics quickly established a new paradigm for beauty companies with a product line that only used natural ingredients. Beauty shoppers embraced Tarte’s eco-friendly and cruelty-free approach, and quickly became loyal to the brand. Today, the company ships its cosmetics and skincare goods to more than 190 countries. With the assortment nearing thousands of SKUs, Tarte uses what’s known as a “guided selling” process to make it easier on its shoppers. Tarte knew that an excellent Customer-Generated Content (CGC) strategy, like Ratings & Reviews, would be an anchor of its guided selling strategy.

Read the Case Study why Tarte quickly settled on TurnTo for Ratings & Reviews and Pixlee for user-generated content curation after assessing the competition.

The Vitamin Shoppe Gets Healthy Results with TurnTo

The Vitamin Shoppe offers its customers access to their expansive online catalog produced by over 700 brands—all of these items are designed to let its customers lead healthier, happier lives. The company wanted to bulk up its collection of Ratings & Reviews to help shoppers better compare products and zero in on the items they were looking for.

Read the Case Study to find out how TurnTo’s Open Review Syndication service supercharged The Vitamin Shoppe’s Customer-Generated Content collection

Adorama Taps Into the Power of TurnTo Syndication For More Content

Adorama’s customer base consists of professional photographers and videographers, but also includes some pretty serious amateur ones as well. These shoppers spend hours closely researching the technical specifications of the types of products in Adorama’s catalog.

Read the Case Study to find out how TurnTo helped Adorama bring their in-store customer experience of highly knowledgeable and friendly staff to their online experience—while increasing their review volume by 294%!

Bob’s Red Mill Showcases Shopper Passion with TurnTo’s Customer-Generated Content Products

Natural and organic foods retailer Bobs’ Red Mill Natural Foods has an incredibly passionate customer following, especially among people with gluten sensitivities and other diet restrictions. But the company also realized that none of the life-changing experiences their customers were sharing with them by email and in person were making it onto their site.

Read the Case Study to find out how TurnTo gave Bob’s Red Mill a platform for customers to share their love—while boosted collection rates by 880%! 

CPO Doubles Ratings and Reviews UGC with TurnTo’s Open Syndication

Products with more reviews always sell better, but when there are many similar items to choose from, review volume be- comes especially important for each individual SKU: shoppers prefer items where they can find more information, and higher review counts signal that an item is popular which also promotes sales. As a result, CPO’s product suppliers are especially eager to provide the product reviews they collect for display on CPO.

Read the case study to find out how CPO doubled their review volume.

Lamps Plus Outshines its Competitors with Enhanced Customer Content

The nation’s largest specialty lighting retailer offers thousands of different designs online and utilizes TurnTo’s complete product suite to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Sur La Table Serves a Full Menu of Customer Content with TurnTo

The gourmet kitchen retailer takes advantage of many different ways to collect and display helpful customer content.

Rockler Drives Customer Inspiration with Visual Reviews

To keep shoppers engaged and inspired, the woodworking brand Rockler used TurnTo to collect and showcase customer images.

Raymour & Flanigan Doubles Authenticated Reviews with TurnTo

Switching to TurnTo helped the furniture retailer make it easier for customers to leave reviews, adding a flood of verified reviews.

Silver Star Brands Lifts Search Traffic & Conversions with Community Content

Customers who interacted with TurnTo’s community features had a 315% higher conversion rate across Silver Star’s websites.