About TurnTo

eCommerce is a bare-knuckled business, and online stores need every advantage they can get. TurnTo was founded with a simple goal in mind—to provide Customer-Generated Content (CGC) solutions for large retailers and the global brands that sell through them.

Our products are designed to help you move the needle on metrics that matter. We can help drive more traffic to your site, lift conversion rates, improve customer lifetime value and loyalty, and lower your customer acquisition costs.

How? By helping you gather a high volume of quality CGC with our four products: Ratings & Reviews, Community Q&A, Visual Reviews™, and Checkout Comments™. TurnTo can help you get more—and better—content from your customers.

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Why Are Product Ratings & Reviews Important?

Ratings & Reviews are an essential aspect of the online customer’s journey. They provide the social proof that many shoppers need to overcome hesitation about making an online purchase. And they come from a highly trusted source—other shoppers.


Our research shows that 76% of shoppers are less likely to make a purchase from a site that lacks reviews, and 74% say high-quality CGC influences their decision to pick one online store over another.


More reviews mean better sales. A report from Northwestern University’s Spiegel Research Center found that a product with just five reviews was 270% more likely to be purchased than one with no reviews at all.

TurnTo Does It Better

TurnTo is the innovation leader for Customer-Generated Content.


Our SpeedFlex™ widgets have a JavaScript bundle that’s a fraction of the size of our competitors' and are booted by a browser 2-3 times faster.


We offer features like Inbox Submission™ that lets shoppers submit product reviews right from the body of an email, making it that much easier to collect content.


Our Visual Reviews™ product features a visual-first collection flow designed to appeal to customers on their smartphones who’ll have a simpler time submitting a photo than typing out a review.


We created Checkout Comments™ to quickly gather customer content for new products, or for online stores with fast turnaround catalogs, like fast fashion sites.


We introduced Community Q&A to the world to quickly get shoppers the answers to their questions from people who’ve already bought the item.


Our products eliminate friction points and are designed with mobile shoppers in mind in a world increasingly dominated by smartphones.


Our Open Review Syndication system allows brands and retailers to freely share content, effortlessly doubling their reviews

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Our sampling service lets you supercharge your product review collection with authentic content from your biggest fans and top contributors.

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The results:

More content for your site for better search engine optimization (SEO), greater insights, and help solving your merchandising challenges. That’s why we’ve been the fastest growing Customer-Generated Content vendor to the IR500 for three years running. We’re also the top-rated Product Reviews solutions provider on independent technology review site G2 Crowd.

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“I’ve worked with other ‘top players’ for Customer-Generated Content collection in the past and was always really disappointed. They nickel and dimed us, lacked support and weren’t open to any changes to personalize or customize their platforms. TurnTo met all of those basic needs and then offered us even more features.”


Kevin Irish, Digital Marketing Manager at Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods

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