The TurnTo Difference

Companies that understand the power of customer validation consistently turn to us.

Superior Shopping Experience

100% increase in verified buyer reviews.
TurnTo allows shoppers to self-direct thorugh customizable subdimensions and filters.
Faster widget load times means a better browsing experience with Speedflex™.
Inbox Submission removes friction from the customer submission process.

Increased Conversion and Sales

Visual product storytelling that is easy to collect and use across the entire customer journey
Community Q&A leads to 3% sitewide conversion increase.
Visual Reviews™ give modern shoppers the visual validation they crave
Mobile reviews lead to more coverage via our unique mobile submission flow.

Better Product Coverage

100% increase in verified buyer reviews.
TurnTo provides the most content of the most different types to support the customer at every stage of their journey.
Multi-language support for the global shopper across regions and langauges.
SKU groupings allow reviews to be shared across associated groups of products for more coverage.
Ratings & Reviews
Consistently more reviews; innovations that matter.
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Community Q&A
Keeping your customers engaged can significantly increase sitewide conversion lift.
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Visual Reviews
The best in visual reviews; visual is in our DNA.
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Checkout Comments
Capture shopper intent and keep your community engaged.
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Open Syndication Network
Your reviews -- wherever you need them.
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UGC and influencer platform that helps brands scale content and drive digital commerce.
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