Announcing two partnerships with leading store builders

June 14, 2011 by George Eberstadt

We’re very excited to announce 2 partnerships today.  Both are ecommerce platform specialists.

YourStoreWizards are stars at building stores on the Yahoo! Small Merchant platform.  We’ve been working with them quietly for a little while, and they’ve already installed TurnTo on 3 Yahoo! Stores:,, and  They’ve completely mastered the Yahoo! platform, which means A. they are super cost-effective and B. they can solve the hard problems.  They’ve even built great solutions for implementing a couple of advanced TurnTo features on Yahoo stores – the XML feed for enabling all the TurnTo UGC to be embedded as vanilla HTML for maximum SEO benefit (4 TLAs in that phrase!) and automated creation of related item clusters to ensure there’s an answerer pool available even for unpopular items.  We’re enjoying being featured on their homepage and having our own product page on their site.

SuiteCommerce is a leading NetSuite eCommerce specialist.  They’ve just finished installing TurnTo on, and it looks great!  They’re fabulous to work with, and, with apparent ease, they figured out some tough challenges in automating the  TurnTo data feeds on the NetSuite platform.  Their expertise also makes SuiteCommerce a cost-effective resource for TurnTo implementation and for any other NetSuite work.  We’re thrilled they’ve chosen to feature us as their Social Commerce solution.

Formal announcements in our Press Room.

Video of Tuesday’s FastPivot-TurnTo webinar: Social Q&A for eCommerce

April 1, 2011 by George Eberstadt

Here’s the full video from our webinar on Tuesday with our partner and leading Yahoo Store design and development shop FastPivot.  It’s about an hour.


A webinar just for Yahoo! Stores: Social Q&A for eCommerce

March 14, 2011 by George Eberstadt

For Yahoo! Stores

Join us and leading Yahoo Store services provider FastPivot for a webinar on:

Social Q&A for eCommerce

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Register here

Question-and-Answer systems are one of the hottest topics on the social web. Now learn how to use Social Q&A on your store to increase conversions, bring past customers back, improve your SEO rankings, and drive fresh traffic from social networks.

The goodwill of your customer base is the #1 asset of your business. Don’t leave it locked away. Adding Social Q&A to your store can release this untapped goodwill to generate more sales by connecting your shoppers directly to your customers.  That’s what makes it “Social” – this isn’t just another customer service tool; this is a level of community engagement you’ve never seen before. Results include: – Shopper questions about popular items typically receive 3-6 answers from customers within 24 hours – 80% of these questions receive their first customer answer within an hour or two – 7% of past customers receiving a shopper question email return to the store to provide an answer – Shoppers who engage with Q&A convert at a massively higher rate – as high as 7X the baseline – Often  produces more user-generated-content (UGC) than customer reviews with attendant SEO benefits During the webinar we’ll walk you through a number of live examples of Social Q&A in action on Yahoo! Stores. Register here


Social Commerce insights from the TurnTo – FastPivot webinar

August 27, 2010 by George Eberstadt

Together with our partner, leading Yahoo Store builder FastPivot, we produced this webinar on Social Commerce strategies on Wednesday.  Here are all the slides plus the complete audio (controls are just under the slides). Thanks to the many attendees! The

FastPivot part runs through slide 35.  They provide a broad overview of social media marketing packed with actionable recommendations.  Starting at slide 36, we do an 18 minute discussion of Onsite Social for e-Commerce.  If I do say so myself: it too is insightful and practical.  Enjoy!

View more webinars from FastPivot.