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The easiest way for brands to syndicate their product reviews to their retail partners is now FREE!

Products with more customer reviews sell better. Open Review Syndication puts product reviews collected by brands onto the ecommerce sites of merchants who sell those products, increasing review volume and lifting sales.

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Syndication FAQs

What is content syndication?

Syndication is simply the sharing of customer-created content between retail sites and brand sites. With TurnTo, that can include star ratings, written reviews, and visual content like photos and videos.

Say, for example, that a shoe brand sells sneakers both on its own online store and the website of a retailer partner’s site. Syndication allows customer content submitted to the brand site to also appear on the retailer’s online store.

The benefit for the brand is that their content is getting shared with a retailer at no cost. That helps lift conversions on retailer sites, which is more sales for brands at the end of the day. It also helps brands to widen their online presence.

What’s the benefit of content syndication?

Syndication makes it easier for a shopper to see all of the Customer-Generated Content for the same product, regardless of whether they’re on a brand or retailer site. It’s a highly effective way for brands to connect with more customers.

Not only that, but research shows that products with more reviews sell better. A product with a high number of reviews is a sign that a lot of other shoppers have already bought the item—it’s social proof that can help alleviate customer hesitation about making an online purchase.

A study from Northwestern University’s Spiegel Research Center found that a product with five reviews was 270% more likely to be purchased than a product that didn’t have any reviews.

Brands that syndicate their content benefit with better marketing outreach on digital channels, improved sell-through value, insights into different consumer markets, search engine optimization (SEO) credit, and superior product matching.

How much does content syndication cost?

Absolutely nothing. TurnTo provides its syndication services at no additional charge to both brands and retailers as part of what we call Open Review Syndication.

Some of our rivals are known to charge brands very high fees for syndication, a service we happily provide for free. If you’re talking to one of them, we suggest you ask exactly how much their syndication services are going to cost you.

How much technical integration will this require?

No technical integration is required on your part. Most brands prefer to have us scan product reviews using a crawler that’s tailored for your site—the same exact way that Google’s search engine web crawler does—since this approach doesn’t require any technical work.

TurnTo’s crawler was built specifically for this purpose, is highly accurate and uses a single thread metered to a low cadence. That means it won’t slow down or otherwise impact the source site at all.

The crawler matches products on brand and retailer sites using a variety of identifiers such as UPC codes, EAN codes, manufacturer part numbers (MPNs), and review provider IDs when applicable.

Brands can have reviews added to the TurnTo syndication network and displayed on partner retailer sites within a day or two using the crawler. The crawler will also update partner retailer sites with new reviews on a regular basis.

However, TurnTo can also ingest reviews through a feed if that method is preferred.

Our retailer partner uses TurnTo, but we don’t. Does that matter?

No. Our technology allows brands to syndicate reviews to our retailer clients regardless of which user-generated content vendor they use. All that’s needed is for a brand to agree to allow TurnTo to scan their site. Once that happens, our crawler will automate the ingestion of reviews from their site. Or they can provide us with a feed for the same result.

What about issues of “data integrity” or “authenticity”?

TurnTo syndication ensures that all syndicated reviews display the same exact way they do on their original source site. There are no issues of “data integrity” or “authenticity.” As long as the reviews that have already been collected are authentic, the reviews being syndicated will be authentic as well.

Wherever TurnTo provides review collection services, we also provide powerful fraud prevention tools.

Will syndicating reviews hurt my search engine optimization (SEO) efforts?

No. TurnTo ensures that source labels for syndicated reviews are always displayed so that the source site will get proper attribution, as well as SEO credit. We can also delay delivery of syndicated content to retail sites if you prefer to prioritize SEO over speed of syndication.

How does moderation work with syndicated reviews?

Syndicated content from brands can be re-moderated by TurnTo to ensure it meets retailers’ standards, even if it has already been moderated by a brand.

How will I know where my reviews are being syndicated?

Once syndication has been set up, TurnTo will provide you with a dashboard showing which sites in the TurnTo Network are receiving your syndicated reviews.

Can I change my mind?

Yes, at any time. TurnTo and the sites that receive your syndicated content are never given ongoing rights to it. There’s also no term commitment for review syndication. Just give us a heads up that you want to stop syndication and we’ll promptly remove your content from our system, and from recipient sites.