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Good Turns Celebrates its First Anniversary, Encouraging Acts of Kindness in Everyday Situations

TurnTo’s Good Turns initiative, highlighting stories of selfless generosity and everyday heroes, marks one year of inspiring people to make a positive impact on others

NEW YORK, November 29, 2017TurnTo Networks, the provider of next-generation customer content solutions, is celebrating the first anniversary of its Good Turns initiative, highlighting everyday acts of kindness and generosity.  Since its inception a year ago, Good Turns has published over 50 original stories of individuals doing thoughtful, helpful things for strangers while expecting nothing in return.

“The point of Good Turns is to celebrate small acts of generosity and, through that, encourage more of them,” said George Eberstadt, CEO of TurnTo Networks. “Our software products make it easy for people to help each other by giving feedback on the products they’ve bought and answering questions from other shoppers. We often get asked why anyone takes the time to do this, even when there is no incentive. The answer is simple: the world is filled with people who are happy to help others just because they can. We wanted to celebrate this spirit of selflessness and encourage it more broadly, beyond just shopping, so we created the Good Turns initiative. I think everyone at TurnTo is proud of Good Turns, because it’s really about taking the good we’re already trying to do through our work and amplifying it way beyond where we could otherwise reach.”

The Good Turns blog launched the week of Thanksgiving 2016 with the inspiring story of a local man from Michigan who spends his Thanksgiving evenings and Black Fridays giving back to retail workers by purchasing coffee and donuts, and then delivering them to those working during those busy holidays. What began as a small operation for him in 2011 has since grown, where he now raises money to take his Good Turn across the community – while donating leftover money to the local food bank. Since the time of that first post, stories have published weekly, including: a furniture and cabinet maker building tiny shelters for the homeless; a cryptocurrency company raising more than $100,000 for aid following earthquakes in Mexico; a San Francisco resident giving a caffeinated good turn to the men and women in blue; and PlushBeds mattress company, a customer of TurnTo’s, which donated organic mattresses, pillows, sheets and comforters to a mother with children in need of toxin-free sleeping solutions.

“At PlushBeds, we handmake mattresses from all-natural organic materials, but our mission as an organization goes much deeper than that,” said Michael Hughes, CEO of PlushBeds. “When we had the opportunity to help a mother in need, it was a no brainer for us. And through our business partnership with TurnTo, we were able to share that story with a larger audience in hopes of inspiring them to consider how their own acts of generosity can make an impact. This ripple effect of people helping people is why we are proud to take part in the Good Turns initiative.”
As the Good Turns initiative continues to grow in 2018, TurnTo encourages its readers to submit stories of a time thy’ve been on either end of a good deed, or if they know anyone who has.
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