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Get Ready For Random Acts Of Kindness Day, Feb. 17

Better yet, make every day a day of kindness

It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day this Saturday! How will you mark the occasion? Fortunately, there couldn’t be an easier holiday to celebrate. All you need to do is take a moment of your time on Saturday to make a gesture of kindness, no matter how small. It could be something as simple as donating to your favorite charity or even just putting a coin in the cup of the homeless person you pass on your way to work each day.

If you like, take your inspiration from some of the charitable folks we’ve written about here on Good Turns in the past. They’ve done things like holding a bake sale to benefit a good cause, leaving unexpected messages of kindness for strangers, doing volunteer work at a food bank, pausing to buy dinner for fellow diners, and a whole host of other acts of charity and goodwill.

“There’s never a bad time to reach out to others”

Faithful readers of Good Turns will recall that we posted about World Kindness Day last November. That day kicked off 14 weeks of good deeds that is now wrapping up with Random Acts of Kindness Week. To celebrate, the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation invites you to tell the story of one person who made you a better human being. It’s a nice way to acknowledge the fact that all of us can use a helping hand, from time to time. Even if we’re lucky enough to be clothed and fed and have a roof over our heads, most of us can benefit from a little nudge in the direction of kindness and fellow-feeling.

And if you do have a story tell, either of a kindness you’ve done, one done for you, or just of a person who deserves notice for the kindness they bring to the world, let us know here at Good Turns. We’ll do our best to get the story on the blog and help inspire more people to live lives of kindness and charity. There’s never a bad time to reach out to others, but this moment, right now, is a better time than any.

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