4 Strategies for Cross-Promoting Customer Reviews 

We live in a world of endorsements. Customers rely on feedback from their peers to make purchase decisions, now more than ever before. 

But here comes the big question. Endorsements of what sort and who? How can you arrange them, and what’s their maximum possible scope?

Well, the endorsements that we refer to are none other than positive reviews given by the customers. According to Search Engine Land, 70% of your potential buyers determine their course of action after browsing through what your existing customers have to say and 88%of potential buyers trust the reviews they read online. Certainly, that speaks volumes about the impact of what other users say.

As a marketer, you can and should certainly use this influential tool to your advantage. Below are the top strategies that can help you promote customer reviews to boost your brand’s growth.

1. Feature On-site Reviews Prominently

 The first and the most obvious way of utilizing positive feedback from customers is by showcasing it naturally on a product page (PDP). 

Although we know for a fact that consumers do read about 10 reviews before purchasing a product, it is generally wiser to ease their access to reviews that have been deemed the most helpful by other shoppers. Not only will this increase your chance of conversion, but it will make the customer feel their potential questions and concerns are being addressed right off the bat.

You can do this by showcasing the most helpful reviews centrally on your product pages, or even around products on your homepage. Staples uses TurnTo’s review capabilities to feature the most helpful positive and critical reviews at the top of the reviews section for a storage product. This tactic quickly gives the shopper a wealth of information on the product before making a decision.

2. Link Promotion-Worthy Reviews with Ad Campaigns

SEO and reviews go hand in hand. With increased authentic reviews, customer reviews help elevate the status of your rankings in the search results.

Note that you will need to refresh these reviews now and then to stay up to date and in the know. Search engines lower the rankings of sites with older data. Hence, it’s best to keep collecting the data and updating your live review widgets on your site.

Another way of utilizing reviews in ad campaigns is to use the reviews in the actual ads. For example, you can include a customer’s experience in the ads that get circulated to your potential buyers. According to statistics, potential customers are four times more likely to engage with these ads.

3. Get Customers Talking on Social Media by Sharing Reviews

Social media cannot be overlooked in any business strategy, and that includes reviews.

The “always on” nature of social media serves a great purpose for brands and businesses. Using this, you can get your potential buyers and audience to interact with your existing clientele. Once your existing customers actively endorse the quality of your services or products, it will become easier for newer people to trust you. Respond to comments on your social channels, and feature quotes from happy customers whenever you can while posting.

If you find yourself concerned about the effectiveness of this approach, then you should know that according to statistics, one out of four people trusts what they view on social media regarding brands. Plus, they base their purchase decisions on what they see and hear on social media as well.  

4. Incorporate Reviews in Emails

You may already have an idea or two about email marketing. Given the current reliance of the tech world upon emails today, it is highly unlikely for you to not know the importance of emails.

These serve as a useful tool for a brand’s business growth. And they also increase awareness about the existence of your brand. You can incorporate reviews in the form of customer experience stories or quotes.

Another powerful element of your email marketing toolkit should be Inbox Submission for recent customers. This means placing opportunities for customers to review a product or share thoughts on their recent purchases directly within order confirmation or follow-up emails from your brand.

Maximizing the Customer Voice

In today’s community-driven era, your goal is not only to generate the maximum possible customer reviews. Your goal should also include creating a dialogue with your customers, and amplifying their experiences by repurposing reviews on all channels your brand is active on. This strategy will produce a waterfall effect of social proof and trust among potential buyers. 

Shawn Mack is an experienced content writer who offers ghostwriting, copy-writing, and blogging services. His educational background in business and technical field has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He is also fond of writing interesting blogs on technology & digital marketing related topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Coast.