The Social Commerce Suite

Connect your shoppers to your customers: something good will happen.

The TurnTo Social Commerce Suite helps you put the good will you have earned from your customers to work by opening direct communications between your shoppers and your past customers.

TurnTo’s approach is special because it lets you tap into the marketing value of your ENTIRE customer base: your advocates who will pro-actively promote you and your satisfied-but-quiet customers (always the biggest group) who will happily recommend you and provide product information if asked by fellow shopper.

To do this, the TurnTo Social Commerce Suite provides two products built on a common data and management platform:

Social Q&A Platform Enables shoppers to ask questions of customers who actually bought the items they are considering. Questions are emailed to purchasers and answers emailed back, delivering many, fast, highly-credible responses to every question. Drives conversion, creates user content for SEO, delivers merchandising insights, and provides powerful retention benefits as past customers return to the store to enter their answers.
Checkout Chatter On checkout, gets answers to the question “Why did you choose this?” producing as much as twice the comment volume as customer reviews. Shares these positive-sentiment comments with shoppers on the site, driving conversion and SEO.

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