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Jeff Bezos considers Community Q&A important enough for his annual shareholder letter

We are beaming!  No, Jeff Bezos didn't mention us by name.  But this is just as good.  In his annual letter to shareholders, Bezos devotes an entire section to the success Amazon has had with their Community Q&A feature: One recent success is our new feature called “Ask an owner”. It was many years ago that we pioneered the idea of online customer reviews – customers sharing their opinion on a product to help other customers make an informed purchase decision. “Ask” is in that same tradition. From a product page, customers can ask any question related to the product. Is ... read more

Google has Created an Important New SEO Opportunity for Online Stores

Scott Anderson of Iterate Studio sent me an internal memo he wrote last week on the implications of Google’s movement towards semantic search.  It’s interesting and important, and he offered that I could share it.  So here it is: I pulled the attached article from my favorite SEO/SEM site. It gets into "semantic search" which is the big new thing at Google as evidenced by Knowledge Graph, which is a meager step 1 down a path to answering complex questions for searchers. Since Google wants to be the place that dishes up answers to questions, the clear SEO implication for ecommerce sites ... read more

Social Commerce Webinar – North Shore Commercial Door Talks Success…

Matt O'Donnell, the President of North Shore Commercial Door, recently joined TurnTo for a webinar (below) to discuss the results he sees with Social Q&A on his site.  They've had much success, including increasing their user engagement and gaining valuable insight about their products, since implementing the Social Q&A in 2012. Watch the webinar now:

Social Commerce Webinar – Vitamin Shoppe and Blinds.com Talk E-Commerce Tools

We recently hosted a webinar with Liveclicker, a provider of video commerce solutions, where we had the privilege to interview Karen Hansen, the Digital Product Manager for The Vitamin Shoppe and Robert Reed, the Video Producer for Blinds.com, regarding two leading e-commerce tools they recently adopted - social Q&A and video commerce. In the webinar below, Karen and Robert discuss why they chose these tools and what results they've delivered.  Check it out!

Amazon’s New Customer Q&A Is Social Commerce Done Exactly Right

This post was first published as a guest article on Multichannel Merchant. Where Amazon leads others follow. No one else has the resources or data that Amazon has to figure out what really works. So it’s a good idea to take notes when they introduce a major new element to the shopping experience. Rolled out over the last few weeks, Amazon now offers true Social Q&A on most of their product pages. And it’s great. (Disclosure: I’m biased. It works just like the Social Q&A system that my company, TurnTo, provides. Hmm…) Amazon is not the first to introduce this, like they ... read more

eCommerce IS Social Media – so step up to the plate

The essence of social media is that the content comes from users.  A social graph is important for some types of social sites, like Facebook, where posts tend to be of interest only to people who have a connection to the poster.  But it's not essential.  I can lose myself quite happily in Pinterest without following or being followed by anyone.  It's the UGC (user-generated content) that's the key. So by that definition, should eCommerce sites be considered social media?  Emphatically YES.  On many eCommerce sites, most of the content is user-generated.  On this page on Backcountry.com (I don't know if ... read more

Social Commerce Webinar – US-Mattress Talks Social Q&A

Yesterday John Swords (our VP of Product) joined Jamie Braxton, the Marketing Manager for US-Mattress and FurnitureCrate, for our webinar "US-Mattress Talks Social Q&A."  During the webinar, Jamie and John discussed the social commerce goals and challenges Jamie faced on their sites, why Social Q&A was a solution and how it is working for them now. Watch the full webinar here:  

Engaging Shoppers with Information, not Opinion

Guest post by: Tim Kilroy Tim Kilroy is a consultant who focuses on helping companies achieve dramatic growth through marketing and business development efforts. He has worked with high-growth companies like Wayfair, Karmaloop, The North Face and many, many more. You can learn more at www.timkilroy.com I spend a lot of time thinking about growth. I help companies generate more traffic, generate more leads. I spend my days thinking about scale, share of voice, acceleration. I have worked in search, in display, in mobile, brand advertising, direct response advertising. I’ve been around the block a couple of dozen times. Someone that I ... read more

Why Social Q&A Is Such an Effective Customer Service Tool

Your shoppers have questions that stand between them and a purchase. Doubt this?  In an article in Internet Retailer just a couple days ago, Stephen Gillett, President of Digital at Best Buy cites 3 top reasons why customers who come to their site don't purchase, and the first of these was "needing more product information".  (To put in context how important this is, the other two were "product wasn’t available" and "the price was too high"!) So how do you ensure shopper questions get answered?  One remarkably simple strategy: let them ask!  Well, maybe it's not so simple, because if you ... read more

TurnTo Social Q&A Delivers >3X More Answers Far Faster Than PowerReviews Q&A

We don't usually link to our competitors' marketing collateral; they don't usually link to ours.  But when we saw PowerReviews' latest case study of their "Social Answers" product running on Skechers.com, we thought it would be interesting to check out just how "Social" it really is.  We figured: if this is the site they are featuring in their newest case study, it has got to be their newest product and a best-practice implementation. So we did a simple test.  We asked a normal shopper question on each of 8 products on Skechers.com through the PowerReviews tool and we asked the identical ... read more

Webinar, BabyAge.com Grows Sales with Social Q&A

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with guest speaker Jack Kiefer, CEO of BabyAge.com.  Jack spoke to us about how and why they use Social Q&A on their e-commerce site to create an engaging experience for their shoppers that is increasing conversion. Watch a recording of the webinar below to get a quick tour of how Social Q&A works on BabyAge.com and listen to Jack talk about the following:- How Social Q&A engages their shoppers- The benefits of using Social Q&A- How Social Q&A fits into their social commerce strategy

In head-to-head test on Shoes.com, TurnTo Social Q&A delivers the most customer answers

For the last few months, Shoes.com has been evaluating TurnTo Social Q&A vs. a competing Q&A tool by running them side-by-side on their product detail pages. We took the opportunity to run a comparison of the social answer rates the two systems deliver. We asked typical shopper questions through both the TurnTo and competing systems about 6 different products; for each product, we asked the identical question through both systems. And we kept track of exactly when the answers came in. As with past tests we’ve run, we monitored both the time when we received an answer email and the time ... read more

For Social Q&A, the payday comes from shopper engagement

If you know customer reviews, you know that half of the value - maybe more - is in the insights you can extract.  So you might think the same is true for Social Q&A, since these are the two main sources of user-generated content on product detail pages.  But you'd be mistaken.  For Social Q&A, engagement is the key, which means that if your Social Q&A system isn't delivering massive customer interaction, it's falling short. In a recent talk I gave to a gathering of e-commerce execs from major brands and retailers, I asked the audience for a show of hands ... read more

An Overview of the Shop.org Annual Summit

September 10th marked the start of this year’s Shop.org Annual Summit in Denver, CO.The Summit always seems to be the ideal place for online retailers and brands to close the conference season. In addition to the myriad of social activities, the Summit brings industry leaders and innovative players together and allows attendees to gather that one last nugget or exchange that one last idea with fellow retailers before they head for holiday lockdown. Following is a summary provided by the Shop.org blog on five sessions: Are you making one of these 4 online marketing mistakes? With everything that goes on in retail/e-commerce, mistakes ... read more

Podcast: e-commerce trends and changes

Webinar: Beyond Customer Reviews – Meet Social Q&A

Yesterday George Eberstadt, our CEO and Founder, hosted our webinar "Beyond Customer Reviews - Meet Social Q&A." George covered topics ranging from "what is Social Q&A?" through to the positive effects Social Q&A can have on a website's SEO. Below are the slides from the webinar: Webinar: Beyond Customer Reviews - Meet Social Q&A View more presentations from TurnTo Networks

Are you teaching a class when you should be hosting a party?

Most brands' and stores' greatest single asset is the goodwill of their customers. And most do little to leverage this goodwill for marketing gain.  There's a fallacy in marketing land that just because you have a presence on social networks, you are doing "social" marketing.  But when you look a bit closer, you see that most social initiatives by brands look a lot like traditional marketing and merchandising, just in a new place. The essential idea of "social commerce" is: connect your shoppers and customers directly to each other. Not only does this help turn your shoppers into customers, ... read more

A nice shout-out for LightingShowroom’s use of TurnTo

It's always nice to get positive feedback from someone, and it's even nicer when you don't know them yet. The team at KitchenDesigns.com recently had some nice things to say about one of our clients, LightingShowroom.com, and the on-site features that they use to improve the shopping experience. In their post, they mentioned two of the products in TurnTo's Social Commerce Suite. First, they referenced our best-in-class Social Q&A product Ask Owners: "In addition, has integrated social hooks that fascinated me. Their “ASK others” button allows a person to direct questions to past customers about the product ... read more

Nice list of the benefits of ecommerce Q&A

We don't usually link to our competitors' blogs (they don't usually link to ours...).  But PowerReviews put up a nice summary of the benefits of ecommerce Q&A that's well worth a read.  We just want to add one important thing: imagine how much greater these benefits would be if your Q&A system actually generated a large number of fast social answers, instead of - how to put this - bupkis?

What to do if your “social” Q&A doesn’t actually get social answers?

To date, Q&A on ecommerce sites has been primarily a tag-along application to customer reviews (provided by vendors that specialize in customer reviews). This approach results in a Q&A model that's more like customer reviews than a true social experience between shoppers and customers, missing the benefits that a truly social approach to ecommerce Q&A provides. The key to Social Q&A is that shopper questions should reliably and quickly get answered by real customers, and participants should have the ability to go back-and-forth beyond the initial question, if they choose to. If shopper questions receive customer answers only rarely or after ... read more

Surprising similarities between Q&A for education and for shopping

It is interesting to see that the same message-based approach that is finally making social Q&A work for ecommerce is also making social Q&A work for education.  Today's New York Times profiles a new site called Piazza, which enables students to get help from classmates through a Q&A model.  As the Times describes it: Although there are rival services, like Blackboard, an education software company, Piazza’s platform is specifically designed to speed response times. The site is supported by a system of notification alerts, and the average question on Piazza will receive an answer in 14 minutes. That's ... read more

Video of Tuesday’s FastPivot-TurnTo webinar: Social Q&A for eCommerce

Here's the full video from our webinar on Tuesday with our partner and leading Yahoo Store design and development shop FastPivot.  It's about an hour.  

A webinar just for Yahoo! Stores: Social Q&A for eCommerce

For Yahoo! Stores Join us and leading Yahoo Store services provider FastPivot for a webinar on: Social Q&A for eCommerce Tuesday, March 29, 2011 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT Register here Question-and-Answer systems are one of the hottest topics on the social web. Now learn how to use Social Q&A on your store to increase conversions, bring past customers back, improve your SEO rankings, and drive fresh traffic from social networks. The goodwill of your customer base is the #1 asset of your business. Don't leave it locked away. Adding Social Q&A to your store can release this untapped goodwill to generate more sales ... read more