As you may have suspected, online shoppers rely heavily on user-generated content when making a purchase. Well, now we’ve proven it: shoppers who read Social Q&A dialog on the product page are 3-7x more likely to make a purchase. Social Q&A is the perfect vehicle for shoppers who have just one more lingering question before they ‘add to cart.’

Social Q&A for online shopping [Infographic]
© TurnTo Networks

The infographic above shows our analysis of Social Q&A data from some of our top customers. The information we found was pretty exciting:

  • 96% of all qualified questions receive at least 1 social answer
  • 41% of all social questions get their first social answer in under 1 hour
  • Shoppers who ask social questions are 10-15x more likely to purchase a product
  • First-time buyers are 15-40% more likely to make a repeat purchase if they ask a question or read existing Q&A dialog
  • Social Q&A generates 2-4x more UGC than Reviews
  • Top sites generate as much as 20 pieces of UGC for every 100 items purchased

These numbers are the result of TurnTo’s Social Q&A Platform that can be integrated into your site in as little as 48 hours…get your free demo today.


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