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Top retailers and brands choose TurnTo

Sports Authority
The Vitamin Shoppe
Sur la Table
Cole Haan
Raymour & Flanigan
Wet Seal
Silver Star Brands
Orchard Brands
The House
Sun & Ski

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Case Studies and Downloads

Raymour & Flanigan Doubles Reviews with TurnTo

Raymour & Flanigan wasn’t getting enough ratings and reviews. To ensure authenticity, the team had decided to use only reviews from verified buyers, but the verification process that their reviews system required was discouraging their customers from submitting. They needed a platform that used their customer profile information to provide a streamlined submission flow, greater customization and improved reporting and administration.

Silver Star Brands Achieves 300%+ Conversion Lift with TurnTo in Just 6 Months

Ian MacDonald, Director of eCommerce for Silver Star Brands needed a way to improve their SEO performance and increase traffic to their websites. Ian was also seeking a way to lift conversion rates. He thought he’d find an answer using customer-generated content, but he already had ratings and reviews. He needed more.

Clarins Replicates In-store Experience for Online Shopping with TurnTo

Clarins, a leading luxury skin care company, was wrestling with two challenges. First, Clarins saw an opportunity to “develop a dialog with women” in the digital context. Second, Clarins was trying to figure out how to provide as much product information to online shoppers as a sales associate could provide to shoppers in a store. Working with TurnTo Community Q&A and Checkout Chatter, see how Clarins was able to address both challenges and increase revenue along the way. Solves Customer Engagement Challenge with TurnTo is an online coffee shop for homes, offices and restaurants. One great thing about going to a coffee shop is being able to interact with other customers. knows that customer interaction is a crucial part of a coffee shop’s success and therefore sought out a way to replicate that same interaction on their product pages. Learn how working with TurnTo, CoffeeForLess was able to reproduce this experience online, build trust in their brand, and gain critical insights in shopping behavior.

GoJane Sees 20% Increase In Organic Search Traffic

GoJane is a leading online retailer of teen fashion products. The company recognized that it would be powerful to tap into the enthusiasm of their customers, but with an average sell-through time of just 5 weeks, most social tools were unable to generate authentic user-generated content fast enough. Using the massive amount of user-generated content produced by TurnTo Q&A, see how GoJane was able to realize significant improvements in both search rankings and conversion. taps into customer loyalty with social Q&A

Adorama recognized that there was a gap between their customer reviews and the support their phone sales team provided. Realizing that customer reviews were simply “not enough,” Adorama brought on TurnTo’s Community Q&A product “Ask Owners.” Unlike other Q&A tools, Ask Owners delivered a large number of social answers, and it delivered them fast. In TurnTo, the Ask Owners product was able to help convert shoppers without adding to the workload of Adorama’s customer support team.

Other Downloads

One-Page Overview: TurnTo Community Q&A

Learn why leading retailers and brands choose TurnTo for Community Q&A. In this one-page overview, we'll introduce you to the technology that fuels the platform, the unmatched capabilities that are the secret to our success, and some performance highlights from some of our top customers.

Product Fact Sheet: Fan-Sourced Answers

Need more expert answers to product questions without utilizing staff resources? Learn how TurnTo can provide fast, personal responses from product users individually selected for their in-depth knowledge of your products. Actively supervised and scheduled, your fan-expert team ensures answers are both high quality and fast.

Video Praise

Kevin Ertell

Senior Vice President, Sur La Table

Kevin Ertell from Sur La Table on using Community Q&A to elevate engagement between customers beyond just Ratings & Reviews.

Jordan Lustig

Sr. Director of Product Management for Saks Fifth Avenue

Jordan Lustig discusses how TurnTo Q&A delivers fast, reliable responses to customer questions without any staff involvement.

Soren Mills

CMO of Newegg

Soren Mills talks about TurnTo helping Newegg better serve customers with fast, relevant answers that boost engagement and drive conversion.



TurnTo provides easy, fast integration on a broad range of commerce platforms. On some, we’ve taken it a step further with packaged extension modules and cartridges.



TurnTo has experience integrating with many eCommerce tool providers in a broad range of categories, including email services, chat, loyalty, identity management, analytics, site search and more. With some, we’ve formed official partnerships. If you are in the market for solutions in any of their categories, we recommend you look at these providers first.



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