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Industry-leading Community Q&A from the Q&A specialists.

“How can I help you?”

It’s the first question that a store associate asks, inviting the customer to state their need in their own words so that the associate can provide the most relevant information and guide the shopper to a purchase. TurnTo provides online shoppers with the same sort of interactive assistance, while leveraging all the things that on-line does uniquely well: community, workflow, instant access to reference materials.

For shoppers: It’s like having a magic sales associate who combines the experience of your whole customer base, the wisdom of your top product experts and brand reps, and all the info in your help center, ready at a moment’s notice.

For the store: It increases sales by raising conversion rates, producing a mountain of unique content to help with SEO, and improving loyalty. At same time, it reduces call-center inquiries and delivers valuable insights to guide merchandising.

Delivering The Fastest Answers from
the Most Appropriate Sources

TurnTo works its magic by combining a self-help knowledge base that answers repeat questions instantly with powerful engines for generating fast answers to new questions from the most appropriate source:


2-way shopper-customer dialog is special.  Shoppers trust each other to give the straight story – and when it’s delivered in response to a question, the credibility issues that can cloud reviews go away.  Community answers are essential when the question explicitly asks for peer experience with a product, but even spec and function questions may be best answered by product owners, because:

  1. Owners often know the product better than store reps
  2. A pool of owners can usually provide faster answers than reps
  3. Multiple answers per question help shoppers triangulate from a range of datapoints (and produces more content for SEO)
  4. Owners will often go on to give valuable commentary and positive sentiment that a store rep couldn’t credibly do

Plus, when owners provide the answer, it saves your team the work. TurnTo provides the most powerful engine for getting lots of fast answers to shopper questions from people that actually bought the products through our patent-pending Active Outreach™ model.

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TurnTo invented the Active Outreach™ model for community answering.  The key is emailing questions to past customers who actually bought the item.  Just like you need to send a post-purchase email to ask for reviews, you need to actively request social answers to shopper questions, or you don’t get them.  Post-and-pray doesn’t work.  But there’s a lot more to it than that!

Activating the entire customer base.  The number one factor determining the answer rate to a question email is whether the recipient bought the exact item that the question is about.  That’s why TurnTo’s architecture taps into your whole customer base, ensuring you have the maximum pool of owners available for each item.  (Other strategies that rely only on small “answer teams” don’t give enough coverage, and even your most enthusiastic fans will burn out if you send them too many questions or questions about items they don’t really know.)

Automated first-line moderation.  Manual moderation works fine for reviews, but Q&A requires something much faster.  So TurnTo provides sophisticated filtering capabilities to enable automated first-line moderation of most questions.  TurnTo’s filters even discriminate between questions appropriate for community answering and those which need to be answered by your staff, so you don’t bother customers with questions they can’t answer.  With TurnTo, 90% of the questions that are appropriate for sending to customers are approved instantly, and only the exceptions are held for manual review.  That means faster answers and much less workload.

Great content management tools. TurnTo provides human moderators with unmatched capabilities, including trigger-word highlights, owner pool management, rich content search, escalation to experts and customer service, quoting answers from the knowledge base, stock answer text, question claiming (locking), activity histories, unique urls for each item, in-line moderation links, closed-loop feedback for filter training, email alerts, and a rich set of views and counts providing a clear real-time picture of overall activity and the items that need attention.  Together, these ensure that even the largest ecommerce sites can easily manage their Q&A system with minimal effort.

Sophisticated email routing.  Once questions are approved for sending, TurnTo figures out which past customers should receive them. The system makes sure no one gets too many (you control the maximum frequency).  If lots of product owners are available, the system distributes the questions within the pool to include both recent and older purchases.  If the owner pool is low, the system expands it by including people who bought similar items.  And if it’s still low, the system keeps the question “live” and continues to send it out as new owners become available.  You choose whether to treat questions as marketing emails and remove your opt-outs from the pool or as transactional emails and send them to all purchasers.  Either way, the system manages Q&A opt-outs without harming your marketing list.  The result is the maximum number of social answers with the minimum burden on your customers.




Some questions need answers from the pros, either because of the topic or because owners aren’t available.  TurnTo makes it easy for your community and your extended team to work side-by-side to support your shoppers.

Store Staff:  They speak with authority.  They research when needed.  They stay on-message. Use them just to fill in gaps left by the peer community to minimize workload; or have them participate actively to maximize content creation.  TurnTo provides enterprise-grade tools to route shopper questions to the most knowledgeable people in your organization, in the highest volume environments.

Brand Reps: For brands, answering shopper questions provides an opportunity to interact directly with customers, gain valuable insights, and help close sales.  For shoppers, answers from the manufacturer are a valued resource.  And for the store, brand answers ensure accuracy and reduce workload.  TurnTo’s brand portal is the perfect tool.

Fan-Sourced Experts: TurnTo can provide a team of individually selected and actively managed fans with deep knowledge of your products to deliver fast, authoritative answers.  Use them just to cover questions when the community isn’t available, to deliver great answers to every question without burdening your staff, or anywhere in between.  

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Store Staff
TurnTo provides a range of tools to ensure questions get staff answers when needed and to make it easy for your staff to keep up, even at high volumes. For routine questions, moderators can define stock answer text that can be applied with a single click, or they can use the quote function to easily apply answers from the article library or past Q&A. Moderators can trigger escalation to experts or customer service with one click. And if a question designated for the community goes unanswered, TurnTo’s workflow puts in back in the queue for a staff answer. For questions needing particular knowledge, TurnTo’s expert portal makes it easy for merchandise managers and top CSRs to provide answers. Questions are routed to the most appropriate expert based on category, brand, and even subject. Claiming functions ensure no duplicate work is done when there is overlapping expertise or when it takes a while to compose an answer (e.g. while waiting for a response from the manufacturer).


Brand Reps
As a manufacturer that sells through channels, wouldn’t you like to know the questions that cause people to hesitate before buying your products? Wouldn’t you like to be able to answer those questions? As a merchant, wouldn’t you value this sort of support from your vendors?

TurnTo provides brands with a portal where team members can review and answer the questions asked about their products on their participating merchant sites. Questions can be routed to specialists based on product category, sub-brand (for multi-brand manufacturers), or even the topic of the question. A brand manager can control the assignment of team members, or merchants can manage their reps directly.

And with TurnTo’s Instant Answers feature, brands don’t need to worry about the burden of answering the same questions over-and-over. Each answer become part of the store’s knowledge base, so it appears automatically to future shoppers with the same question. That makes the investment in answering really pay off.

For Brands that also want to provide Q&A on their own product pages, TurnTo’s powerful Syndication capabilities ensure that brand answers to questions from channel partner sites also appear on their own site, enriching and socializing their own product content while supporting their partners.


Fan-Sourced Experts
Need more expert answers to product questions without utilizing your staff resources?  Sign up for our Fan-Sourced Experts!  Through our partnership with Needle, the leading provider of fan-sourced product experts for online stores and brands, TurnTo can provide fast, personal responses from a team individually selected for their in-depth and hands-on knowledge of your products.  Actively supervised and scheduled, your fan-expert team ensures answers are both high quality and fast.

TurnTo guarantees that on high-volume sites, fan-sourced experts will answer 50% of all the questions routed to them in 15 minutes or less, 75% of all those questions in 30 minutes or less, and 90% of them within 24 hours!

You determine which questions you want your fan-experts to answer – all product questions, or just those unlikely to receive community answers.  Pick the former to produce the most, great content and faster overall answers.  Pick the latter to fill in just when the community isn’t available (typically, questions about items that are new to your catalog or those that are purchased infrequently) while keeping your costs down.

Why leave your expert answering up to an unknown, unmanaged “crowd” when with TurnTo you can rely on personally selected, trained, and supervised fan-sourced experts!


leisurepro-logo-v2Online dive gear shop had been relying solely on their Community to answer shopper questions. After adding fan-sourced experts:

  • The total volume of answers increased 31%
  • The number of questions receiving at least one answer within 24 hours increased from 58% to 83%
  • 47% of the time, an expert provided the first answer faster than the community

Article Library

You’ve already got the answers to many common shopper questions available — in FAQ pages, help systems, learning centers.  But you don’t want your shoppers to interrupt their shopping or, worse, leave your site because they didn’t find them. TurnTo’s article library makes all this valuable content available to shoppers right on your product and category pages through the Q&A interface, so it’s easily accessible without creating page clutter.

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Once you invite shoppers to ask questions, they will ask about everything, from product information to general store policies.  And once they’ve asked, you can’t ignore the question.  So your Q&A system better be able to efficiently handle the full range of questions, even the routine ones that you’ve already answered in your help center. That’s why TurnTo includes an article library that delivers instant answers from content you’ve already got.  Articles can include information from your help pages, FAQs, and learning center – everything from your shipping and returns policies, info on taxes or discount codes and sizing charts up to content about usage, maintenance, materials, or even general advice and wisdom. When a shopper asks about one of these topics, Instant Answers ensures they see the relevant article first, before they submit a new question.  Most of the time, that’s all the information they’ll need.  Even if the content is already available elsewhere on your site, providing it through Q&A allows your shoppers to find it right from your product pages without interrupting their shopping.  And it stops them from submitting repetitive questions that consume the time of your staff. The Article Library provides a full set of features to improve usage and simplify management.  A workbench helps you identify when new articles are needed to address common topics.  To ensure articles appear in the right places, you can define the context where they will be visible: those on general topics like shipping, returns or sizing appear anywhere on the site, while how-to content can be tied to just the product categories or brands where it’s relevant.  And you can set a variety of alerts to ensure article content stays current.


Unmatched Capabilities

TurnTo complements its powerful answer engines with the
broadest set of additional features to deliver the most value.

Live Syndication

Preserves full interactivity across syndication partner sites, maximizing user engagement and content distribution Read more

TurnTo takes Q&A syndication to a whole new level by preserving full content interactivity across the syndication relationship. That means questions asked in one place can be answered in another, with the answers sent back to the asker on the first site – while providing full Active Outreach™ email enablement in all locations.

Live Syndication Diagram

Advanced features of TurnTo Live Syndication include:

  • No duplicate content penalties from search engines! TurnTo controls indexability so that SEO credit accrues only to the site where the content originated.
  • Full moderation control on both sides. Each site’s auto-moderation filters and manual review rules are applied before posts go-live, ensuring that topics like competitor name mentions don’t appear where they shouldn’t.
  • Multiple options for attribution and links. Some sites want to drive traffic to their partners. Some want to give credit subtly. Some prefer to the let the content speak for itself. The TurnTo syndication control console makes it easy to set and enforce your business policies

Live Syndication provides great opportunities for brands:

  • Content added to the Q&A on a brand site automatically becomes part of the knowledge base at each merchant partner site, delivered through Instant Answers search. That includes content in a brand’s Article Library as well as Q&A, so syndication is a great way for brands to make their FAQs available to shoppers on their channel partner sites.
  • Brands with non-transactional sites (ie just informational product pages) can still host vibrant community Q&A by tapping into the customer base of their merchant partners.
  • Merchants effortlessly get more valuable Q&A content on their product pages to answer shopper questions and assist sales.

Q&A syndication also enables publishers – like blogs, magazines, and review sites – to host social Q&A communities about products and broader topics by linking to the Q&A of merchant partners through syndication. That means more engagement and page views for the publisher. And by providing visible attribution and links for Q&A from partner stores, content sites can drive traffic to those stores, which can be rewarding to both the store and the publisher!


Product Comparison and Category Questions

Enables shoppers to ask questions related to multiple items, product categories, or even general topics Read more

Product Comparison Questions Some of the most important questions shoppers have – recommendations, comparisons, and compatibility questions – relate to several items at once:

Product Comparison Questions on Adorama Product Comparison Questions on
Product Comparison Questions on Vitamin Shoppe Comparing strollers on BabyAge

Client examples of Product Comparison Questions

  • Which of these is best for my particular needs?
  • Which of these has the most XYZ? Holds up the longest? Tastes the best?
  • Does A go better with B or with C?

The ability to answer this sort of question extends Q&A from a product information resource to a true recommendation engine for guided shopping. That’s why TurnTo pioneered the multi-item question; not just attaching reference items to a single-item question, this is actually connecting a question to all the items to which it relates.

  • The question is routed to people who have experience with each of the items
  • The question, with all the answers, appears on the product page of all the items in the question, ensuring broad visibility for future shoppers
  • All of the answers – from all of the different perspectives – are available together under that one question
  • Attribution labels make it clear which answerers own which products
  • TurnTo’s SEO controls ensure that the dialog is indexable in only one primary location, so there’s no risk of a duplicate content penalty

Category Questions Some shopper questions are about general topics rather than items. People who shop at camera stores may have general questions about low-light or macro photography. People who shop at vitamin stores have questions about the health concerns that their supplements address. By answering these questions – both socially and with experts – you make your store an even more valuable information resource to shoppers, and you produce even more fresh content to help with SEO. That’s why TurnTo runs at the category level, too, which is where shoppers tend to ask these general topic questions. TurnTo even connects the category and product-level dialog, ensuring that category questions have the same vibrant dialog as item questions and that category Q&A is of the broadest use to shoppers:

  • For social answering, category questions are sent to a selection of people who bought a range of items in the category. In effect, purchase behavior is used to infer expertise, enabling highly targeted question routing. That ensures lots of fast answers to category questions, just like with product questions.
  • Category Q&A appears in Instant Answers results on the product pages of items in the category. And product Q&A appears in Instant Answers results on the category pages to which those products belong. This context sensitivity enables all your Q&A dialog to be of maximum value to your shoppers.
  • TurnTo’s SEO controls ensure that category questions are indexed only on the category page, so the content can be browsed and searched in many locations without risk of duplicate content penalties.

Product Comparison and Category Questions


Checkout Chatter™

Generates a high volume of positive-sentiment buyer answers to the question “Why did you choose this?” at the point of purchase to power widgets and pinboards Read more

Checkout Chatter after making a purchase.Checkout Chatter™ enables you, the store or brand, to participate in the question asking in a fully automatic way to generate extra content and extra insights. Following checkout, a dialog box asks, “Why did you choose this?” about each item in the order. It’s that simple.

Typically 10-20% of all items purchased receive a “checkout comment” in reply to this question. Because of the timing (at the moment of purchase) the sentiment is almost always positive. There’s no interruption to the shopping flow. And because there’s no wait for the customer to receive and use the item (like for reviews), the content starts building up from the first moment a new item goes on sale, which is especially valuable in high-turn and fast sell-through environments.

Once you’ve got all these great checkout comments, you want to be sure that shoppers see them. Checkout Chatter provides display tools to make them appear in just the right places.

Checkout Chatter on BabyAge Checkout Chatter

Client examples of Scrolling Widgets

Pinboard Example on Facebook Pinboard Example

Client examples of Pinboards

  • Item page: Checkout comments have a natural place within the Q&A area as responses to a special “store question”. You can also place the comments directly on the item page (for example, right under the product image) where they serve as product-level customer endorsements. TurnTo’s content feeds make it easy for you to work with checkout comments any way you choose.
  • Scrolling widgets: Checkout Chatter provides a scrolling display of checkout comments in a widget box. You can place this on your homepage or on category pages (where the comments are filtered to items within that category). It’s an easy, effective tool for social validation and social discovery, and it ensures that positive checkout sentiment is visible throughout the shopping path.
  • Pinboards: Checkout Chatter also provides a display of checkout comments in a full-page pinboard layout. The Pinboard includes all the features you expect, including a full set of social sharing tools (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). But unlike other approaches that lack effective comment collection and so end up looking like ghost towns, the Checkout Chatter Pinboard is always populated with lots of purchaser comments. That’s essential – it’s the comments that make a pinboard social! Typically, the Checkout Chatter Pinboard is installed under a “community” tab on the main navigation, and it can easily be installed as a tab on your Facebook fan page.

If you think massive amounts of positive-sentiment user-generated comments about your products, spread throughout the shopping path on your site, building up from the first moment new products go on sale, and indexable by search engines, would be good for business, then Checkout Chatter is for you.


Instant Answers

Checks to see if new questions match existing Q&A or articles to deliver immediate answers to the shopper while reducing workload from repetitive inquiries Read more
Instant Answers on Adorama True Religion showing both Community and Article Library answers
Rodales showing answers from multiple sources Instant Answers on Lenovo

Client examples of Product Instant Answers

Over time, TurnTo’s Q&A creates an ever-growing knowledge base about your products, your policies, and the general topics that your shoppers are interested in. Before a new question is submitted for answering, TurnTo checks this knowledge base to see if it was already asked and answered, or if there is a relevant article in the library, thereby delivering answers to most questions instantly. And if the shopper still needs to submit their question they can do it without even retyping. Not only is this speed valuable for shoppers, it also decreases the number of repetitive questions that get asked. That means you can save the “answer capacity” of your customer community for new questions. It also reduces the workload for your customer service teams – not just within TurnTo, but also by handling many inquiries that would otherwise have ended up in much higher-cost service channels like live chat, phone, or email support. Only TurnTo Q&A provides an end-to-end solution combining advanced knowledge-base search for instant answer delivery with community, staff, brand, fan, and syndication answer workflows to quickly answer new questions and ensure continuous growth of the knowledge base.


Mobile and In-Store

Makes it easy for the community to provide answers from their phones and for mobile shoppers to find the information they need just by asking, whether in your store or just out and about Read more

Shopping on a phone is not like shopping on the desktop. The screen is small, the connections are often slow, and the user is often moving about. So some of the things that make web shopping so great – the ability to do in-depth research and find lots of information and opinions – don’t work well on phones.

Mobile Mobile

Q&A is a great solution to this problem. By enabling a mobile shopper to simply ask for the information they need – the way they would from a store associate – and receive answers instantly, Q&A lets a mobile shopper access more information more easily, whether they are just out-and-about or standing in your store aisles. And that leads to sales. That’s why TurnTo provides a mobile-optimized version of our system that’s perfect for your mobile site or your mobile app. By leveraging TurnTo’s Instant Answers capability for knowledge base look up, TurnTo mobile enables you to bring all the Q&A and Article Library content that your website generates to your shoppers wherever they are. And if a mobile shopper doesn’t find the answer she needs and submits a new question, the answers she receives in her email contain links back to the product pages on your website, so she can easily complete the purchase later, making TurnTo a powerful part of your omni-channel strategy. Another TurnTo mobile strength is an optimized approach to answer collection. With mobile-friendly emails that lead to streamlined answer collection forms, TurnTo provides the best-of-all-worlds for mobile answering:

  • High answer rates on mobile devices
  • All the advantages of form-based answer collection
  • The benefits of bringing past customers back to your site

Optimized User Experience

Maximizes content creation and consumption with an elegant, simple, and social UX design Read more

Great dialog is a lot less useful if it’s hard to find, hard to read, and hard to interact with. And if the experience distracts from shopping, then it can be downright harmful. That’s why TurnTo has an optimized front-end that provides users with the most relevant information and the fastest, easiest interactions. That results in more engagement, better conversion lift, and a lot more content creation.

In-line integration on Lenovo product page

In-line integration on Lenovo product page

Product Page Integration on Famous Footwear Product Page Integration on Vitamin Shoppe

Client examples of Product Pages

  • Rich, real-time interactivity. One limitation of the SaaS model can be a trade-off between SEO and interactivity. But TurnTo breaks the tradeoff. All the interactive functions – search, sort, voting, answering/replying, and of course asking – work in real-time, while still providing full in-line SEO.
  • Fully in-line interaction. TurnTo doesn’t interrupt shopping by taking the user to remote forms. All the interaction (even sign-on!) happens on the product (or category) page.
  • Content creation before authentication. Users are much more likely to authenticate after they’re already part way down the submission path. It’s a little thing with a big impact on engagement.
  • Threaded replies. Many stores view community Q&A as a sort of product-level discussion forum. TurnTo brings this to life by enabling on-going discussion between askers and answers – accelerated with email notifications, of course.
  • Optimized emails. We sweated the emails, too. All the links are transactional, so users are automatically authenticated when they arrive. (That’s especially important for answers, allowing for the magical one-field answer form.) And we provide a range of short-cut links like See All Answers, Reply, and Thank that lead directly to relevant dialog, not just to the product page.
  • Answer More Questions. When users are in an answering mood, you want to get as many answers from them as you can. TurnTo personalizes the appeal based on the user’s entire purchase history with you (not just the current context!). This can add as much as 20% to the total volume of social answers, since relevant purchase history is the #1 driver of answer rates.
  • Attach items to answers. With a built-in catalog browser, TurnTo makes it easy for answerers – community and staff – to illustrate their answers with images and links to other items you sell (while ensuring they’re not providing links to your competitors…).
  • Quality voting. TurnTo makes it easy for users to say which content they value most, and it shows the best content first.
  • Best Answer display. Community answers often provide great information that goes far beyond the question. To help with discovery of great answers, TurnTo highlights Best Answers without requiring shoppers to dig for them.
  • Similar item question browsing. When questions are attached to similar item groups, they appear on the pages of all the items in those groups in a specially labeled section with an image of the item to which they refer. It’s a powerful way to make your best Q&A dialog even more valuable to your shoppers.
  • Purchase credentials. TurnTo takes the “Verified Buyer” label a step further by indicating exactly which item an answerer bought and when. That’s particularly important for comparison and category/topic questions where answers can come from customers who have experience with many different items. It also lets readers know how long the answerer has owned the product.

Enterprise-Grade Platform

SEO, reporting & analytics, user authentication, customizability, APIs & feeds, scalability & security, and more… Read more
  • Search-engine optimization. TurnTo makes all your Q&A dialog indexable directly on your product pages (and category pages) for maximum SEO benefit. Stores have measured improvements in organic traffic of 20% from TurnTo. And by combining server-side and Javascript content delivery, TurnTo provides users with a fully real-time user experience (when you post content, it appears!) while maintaining in-line indexability for SEO. (Systems that are entirely feed-based can’t do this, resulting in an ugly choice between losing SEO benefit, losing the real-time user experience, or relying on sub-domain pages for indexability.) Finally, TurnTo actively manages the indexability of all Q&A content to ensure that when the same posts appear on multiple pages (through syndication or on similar item pages), they are only indexable in a single, primary location. So you can rest easy that TurnTo will never trigger a duplicate content penalty from Google!
  • Reporting and Analytics. TurnTo has extensive built-in reporting capabilities, including detailed conversion analytics so you can see the effect that TurnTo has on individual orders and on overall sales. The system also has deep event hooks for easy integration and reporting through Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics, and other web analytics systems. A broad range of feeds also makes it easy for you to import data from TurnTo into your data warehouse for further analysis.
  • User Authentication. TurnTo provides built-in user authentication, including social sign-on, for ease of integration. We also provide the option for true single sign-on integration (with actual credential-passing, not just log-in gating), including user flows that enable site sign-up/sign-in without interrupting question asking/answering. And for stores that use a third-party social sign-on tool, TurnTo supports the Backplane 2.0 protocol, which provides full integration with Janrain, Gigya, and other sign-on managers. TurnTo also allows you to choose whether or not to accept anonymous questions and to change that setting with a single click.
  • Customizability. The TurnTo architecture provides CSS control over the look and feel of the system on your site. To streamline integration, we provide a selection of themes that you can use as is or as the starting point for your own designs.
  • APIs and Content Feeds. It’s your content! So TurnTo makes it easy for you to download it. All of it. Any time. In a broad range of formats.
  • Page Loading. Speed is essential, both for search engine rankings and for user experience. TurnTo uses the full range of available tools to ensure the smallest possible impact on page load, including asynchronous non-blocking loading, delivery through a CDN, local caching, and aggressive file size minimization.
  • Security. TurnTo uses Network Solutions Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates which meets the highest standard in the Internet security industry. Our infrastructure and data storage is protected by Amazon Web Services EC2 security, with both physical and operational firewalls. Amazon Web Services are certified under the strictest industry standards, including Sarbanes Oxley compliance and SAS70 Type II. For more information on AWS security, click here.

Featured Video Testimonial

Kevin Ertell

Senior Vice President, Sur La Table

Kevin Ertell from Sur La Table on using Community Q&A to elevate engagement between customers beyond just Ratings & Reviews.

Easy Integration. Full Support.

TurnTo makes it easy for you to add Community Q&A to your online store with our Fast Results approach to implementation, enabling go-live in under a week in simple environments and as-little-as a month in more complex situations.

Fast Results leverages an architecture designed for incremental deployment, so you can get up-and running quickly to begin generating content and ROI, then add advanced features over time.  With easy file and console-based configuration, a design template library, and streamlined approaches to SEO, email system integration, mobile, reporting, and more, TurnTo provides an unbeatable combination of speed and simplicity with enterprise-grade power and flexibility.  TurnTo works seamlessly with most ecommerce platforms and provides packaged integrations to many.

TurnTo’s professional services team will be with you every step of the way.  During the initial set up, we will support and guide your team on every aspect of integration, from project planning to optimizing design and configuration to technical integration to training for moderators and managers. Following the set-up period, the TurnTo team provides ongoing monitoring of system performance, analysis of business results, and sharing of best practices from across our network, along with support for enhancements over time. We understand that both getting it right from the start and continuously improving are important for success.

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