kissing camels and buying coffee for strangers

Not So Random Acts of Coffee… Enjoy the story

choreographer Amy Siewert
How To Let Go Of What’s Not Really Yours
Scott Thunes of the Mother Hips, formerly with Frank Zappa
The Bass Guitar That Missed The Bus
Late-Romantic Austrian composer Gustav Mahler
A Sold-Out Concert That Was Not To Be Missed
Pay It Forward license plate
Paying It Forward, With Interest
The gift of a good night's sleep
Rest, But No Romance
A Caffeinated Thank You to the Men in Blue
A Caffeinated Thank You to the Men in Blue
Maryland waterfront
Dinner for the Newlyweds
Goodie Bags for the Homeless
Bringing Along Some Goodie Bags for the Homeless
board game from a mysterious benefactor
The Board Game Benefactor
A dream fulfilled: scuba diving in the U.S. Virgin Islands
The Tip of a Lifetime
A good turn in Second Life
The Virtual Caregiver

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