What happens if no one bought the item the shopper is asking about?

Many catalogs have a long-tail of infrequently bought items.  To ensure that questions are (almost) always answered by other customers, when that’s what the shopper wants, TurnTo provides a powerful moderation feature we call “related items”.  This enables a question to be attached to any number of additional items – especially popular ones – and the buyers of those items will also receive the question.

Does TurnTo conflict with customer reviews?

Nope. In fact, they go well together. Almost all the stores using TurnTo also have customer reviews.  It’s great to give your shoppers a range of tools – real dialog with customers through Q&A, pithy “Why did you buy this?” check-out comments, and, of course, good old reviews.  And more user-generated content is always good for search engine rankings.

How does TurnTo compare to the Facebook Social Plug-ins?

When it comes to bringing the Social experience on to your site, TurnTo’s products have special advantages. They are designed from the ground up to meet the needs of E-commerce sites, which are very different from the needs of content sites. They are designed to be true merchandising tools. They leverage the full purchase history of your entire customer population to drive sales. They support YOUR brand. And they provide you with a wealth of data that YOU own.

Will this distract or slow down our shoppers?

TurnTo is designed to fit into the shopping experience on your site. Visitors who need advice will find it moves them closer to a purchase – or reminds them later to come back and finish. Those who know what they want can easily ignore it. The significant conversion lift seen for shoppers who interact with the TurnTo system across all of our partner merchants shows the positive effects. We also recommend the research of Eisingerich and Kretschmer in the Harvard Business Review (“In E-commerce, More is More“) showing the benefits of deeper shopper engagement on retail sites: “We found that exploiting consumers’ desire for engagement is the single dominant driver of superior shareholder value for e-commerce companies.”

Will the TurnTo system send my customers to my competitors?

No way. The only purchases that appear within the TurnTo system on your site are those made by your customers from you. All product links lead to item pages on your site.

What impact will TurnTo have on page load times?

TurnTo was designed to run with minimum impact on page load. The initial load in a session is optimized by gzip compression and the use of aCDN.  After that, the browser caches the assets, so all subsequent loads are much faster still.

What will happen to our site if TurnTo goes down?

TurnTo has uptime of over 99.9%, excluding scheduled downtime. But if TurnTo goes down, the widget simply stops appearing to the user on your site. There is no other consequence.

Is our data secure with TurnTo?

TurnTo uses VeriSign Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates which meets the highest standard in the Internet security industry. Our infrastructure and data storage is protected by Amazon Web Services EC2 security, with both physical and operational firewalls. Amazon Web Services are certified under the strictest industry standards, including Sarbanes Oxley compliance and SAS70 Type II. For more information on AWS security, click here.

How will TurnTo use our data?

The long version of the answer is in our Partner Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But here are the points you probably care most about:

  • You always own all the data you send us, and we’ll delete it any time you tell us to.
  • While your data is with us, it is used only to power the TurnTo applications that you’ve signed up for.

What social graph sources (ie Friend lists) does TurnTo support?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Mac, MSN, Rocketmail, Ymail.

I’m a multi-channel seller; only a portion of my sales are online. Does TurnTo still make sense for me?

The main question is whether you have enough customer orders with associated emails in total to provide a solid pool of answerers and friend-references.  If so, it doesn’t harm the system effectiveness if you also have a large brick-and-mortar or catalog business.  Plus, your order pool can come from sales made through any channel, not just online. If you capture emails from people who buy from you in stores, through a catalog, or any other way, you can add those customers to your reference pool along with your online customers. (Loyalty programs are often a great source.)

In what languages and regions is TurnTo available?

TurnTo currently works in English and supports zip/postal code matching for most countries where English is the first language.

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