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About TurnTo

View our one-pager for a summary of why retailers and brands choose TurnTo for Social Q&A.


Product Fact Sheet: Fan-Sourced Answers

Download our product fact sheet to learn more about our Fan-Sourced Answers, just another way we are bringing your online shoppers lots of fast answers.


In head-to-head test on, TurnTo Social Q&A delivers the most social answers

For a couple of months during the summer of 2012, evaluated two Social Q&A products simultaneously: TurnTo vs. a competing Q&A tool.  During this time, we took the opportunity to run a comparison of the answer rates the two systems delivered.


TurnTo beats Bazaarvoice & PowerReviews for Social Q&A on eCommerce site

To measure the difference between the TurnTo approach to eCommerce Q&A and that provided by the leading customer reviews vendors, Bazaarvoice and PowerReviews, we conducted a simple test across 12 sites.  For a full report of our study, click here. For a quick overview, click the ‘download’ link below.


Case Studies

Clarins Replicates In-store Experience for Online Shopping with TurnTo

Clarins, a leading luxury skin care company, was wrestling with two challenges; one philosophical and one practical. First, Clarins was looking for ways to continue founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins’ philosophy of “develop a dialog with women” in the digital context. Second, Clarins was trying to figure out how to provide as much product information to online shoppers as a sales associate could provide to shoppers in a store. Clarins realized that the solution to both these challenges lay in enabling dialog. Solves Customer Engagement Challenge with TurnTo is an online coffee shop for homes, offices and restaurants. One great thing about going to a coffee shop is being able to interact with other customers. knows that customer interaction is a crucial part of a coffee shop’s success and therefore sought out a way to replicate that same interaction on their product pages. Generates 7x More UGC With Social Q&A Than Reviews

Jack Kiefer of BabyAge found that by getting product questions answered by past customers who really bought those items, BabyAge could provide valuable information to their shoppers and also generate lots of fresh, unique customer-shopper dialog that would help with SEO and bring the product detail pages to life. Jack said, “To put it simply: TurnTo significantly exceeded our expectations. We ended up with more content of higher quality than we had even hoped for – 7 times as much as our customer reviews system produces – which translates directly to ROI.”

GoJane Sees 20% Increase In Organic Search Traffic

Tony Pang, GoJane’s founder, recognized that it would be powerful to tap into the enthusiasm of his customers and wanted a way to put his customers’ voices right on his product detail pages. But he had two big challenges; a short sell-through and the need to capture how his customers actually talk about the products. Finally, in 2010, Tony found TurnTo. TurnTo’s social approach to Q&A met all of Tony’s requirements. taps into customer loyalty with social Q&A

Adorama recognized that there was a gap between their customer reviews and the support their phone sales team provided. Glen Holman, who manages Adorama’s new website, said, “Customer reviews are simply not enough.” So Adorama brought on TurnTo’s social Q&A product “Ask Owners”. Unlike other Q&A tools, Ask Owners delivered a large number of social answers, and it delivered them fast. That helps convert current shoppers without adding to the workload of Adorama’s customer support team. Glen said, “Until TurnTo, we couldn’t find a solution that allowed us to respond to customers’ direct questions without hiring an army of writers.”